Waste Minimization Programs | South Florida

With over 50 years of Waste Industry experience Waste Resources has been implementing Waste Minimization programs for large corporations for years. We Specialize in large box stores, furniture, appliance distribution centers, and Automotive Groups. Dealerships, Collision Centers, and parts Warehouses All Valuable types of waste, not just Waste Management anymore. Our Waste Minimization programs transform the way businesses handle their entire waste streams with annual savings of 80% in some cases.

We are confident that we can save you 20% to 30% annually if companies are willing to change the “Corporate Culture” within the organization and by understanding the value of the waste the business generates. We are Waste Minimization Consultants; We practice the art of waste diversion of waste from landfills and disposal facilities to promote sustainability manage while managing all things Waste related for your business from top to bottom. Rental of Trash compactors and Cardboard balers as part of of a successful waste diversion program for big businesses that qualify, saving a significant amount of money on monthly trash service, and cover the rental cost of equipment by selling the material recovered from your Waste Stream. Call us first, not the garbage company or the waste broker for all your garbage needs