Please tell us where you would like us to place your container. (ie: driveway, street, near compactor, etc.)
Miami-Dade County addresses will be charged an additional $45 per container. Excess tonnage is $63 per ton for C&D ($73 for Miami-Dade), $80 for MSW ($90 for Miami-Dade). Excess tonnage is prorated.
$ 0.00
Customer agrees, approves and authorizes to pay initial rental fees, prior to delivery, and all additional fees associated with weight overage (“over-tonnage”). A trip fee of $175.00 will also apply if, locked gates, blocked parking, wrong address, refusal of pickup scheduled service, insufficient space reserved, or any other reason that prohibits service using the same “CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ON FILE” submitted at the time of order. Customer to take full responsibility for the contents of the dumpster. ***No Hazardous, Medical or Liquid wastes of any kind such as solvents, paint or chemicals. ***EXTRA CHARGE FOR NON COMPLIANT WASTE! Loads need to be level, nothing over the sides no plywood side boards or extensions of material such as pallets to increase the original capacity of container provided. This order is not complete if the signed agreement and payment are not received by 1:00 PM the day before delivery date. (Or by Friday at 1:00 PM for delivery or service on Saturday or Monday). A cancellation fee of $150.00 will apply if the order is cancelled after signed confirmation. Cancellation must be, in writing, by emailing info@waste-resources.com. Cancelled orders, prior to signed confirmation will be refunded in full.