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With over 30 years of experience our South Florida recycling company can help your business save money! This program will transform the way you handle your entire waste stream. We are confident that we can save you 20% annually. Possibly even more depending on the size of your business. At Waste Resources, we will show you how to turn your waste into usable resources. For example, we will explain to you why recycling can aptly be described as resource management as opposed to waste management.

In most cases, facilities that emit a large amount of waste materials are unaware of the value they contain. As a result, they are paying garbage companies to throw the material away. Here at Waste Resources, we feel that recyclable materials should be seen as additional revenue streams. There are many opportunities to have recycling companies pick up the materials at a much lower rate. Actually, you could receive a monetary rebate for the materials you recycle depending on the materials and the market performance that month.

Understanding The Value

By understanding your waste stream you can accomplish many things. You can be proactive in managing the waste services you need. Be aware of the services the garbage companies will try and sell you. Be aware that waste minimization and resource management must begin in the way you operate your business. If you fail to change your past behaviors regarding trash and recyclables, then merely changing your waste vendor will not change your costs or the service levels you require. We want to change your perception of your waste stream. We will do this by sharing our green insights and strategies with you. You will be able to comprehend our full assessment in the most advantageous way to handle your waste stream.

How Waste Resources Is Changing The Game

Since 2010, Waste Resources has been offering recycling services to several businesses throughout South Florida. These accounts produce a good amount of cardboard, LDPE film, and styrofoam. After a quick site audit we can implement several recycling programs that will not only eliminate your disposal costs but will also put a rebate in your pocket. A lot of companies throughout South Florida who are capable of recycling styrofoam do not offer this service to the public. Here at Waste Resources — we do! We have pricing for both drop-offs and pick-ups along with requirements for both. Therefore, if you feel like your warehouse would be a good candidate for our programs don’t hesitate to contact us.

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