Plastic Recycling in Florida

keith and robert haag waste resources

Recycling Programs in South Florida

We offer plastic recycling in Florida for all commercial accounts that usually operate out of a warehouse. From beer distributors to packing companies, logistics companies, and more we have seen every type of industry. For example, we recently had a few pick-ups in the West Palm Beach area that consisted of plastic containers. After a site audit and a little more information on the plastic we were able to find a home for this product. This eliminated it from going to the landfill and that’s always the goal. Here in South Florida, plastic recycling is huge in order to divert plastic from entering the ocean. When the plastic problem is decreased several businesses will benefit. The main business industry being private fishing charters. If the plastic never reaches the oceans, the marine wildlife will live out it’s life without ending it prematurely to plastic waste.

This last week, Keith Haag and Robert Haag (pictured), were able to solidify an international contact that was able to buy majority of their plastic that China has been rejecting as of late. This being that a lot of U.S. businesses have been taking advantage of how lenient China was on their recovered material regulations. After accepting so much contaminated material China finally put an end to it. Now they are only accepting grade A materials across the board and not even taking a chance with grades B and C.

After some time, patience, and consistent growth we were able to adapt to our new market situation. For example, we were able to add several services to our business model and not rely solely on exporting material. As a result, we grew stronger as a company and more competitive. This giving us a better reputation to serve the community as one of the best in the game.